Iron is Partially-collateralised stablecoin on the Polygon network and on the Binance Smart Chain. At time of writing this, it has 1.6b total value locked

how it work ?

  • Iron keep it peg to 1$ buy minting and redeeming. Minting is the process of create new IRON tokens from USDC and TITAN. Redeeming is the process of destroy IRON and get back collateral.
  • when price of IRON on open market < 1$, user could buy it and redeem to USDC and TITAN at 1$ value. This action decrease number of IRON and help IRON price back to 1$.
  • when price of IRON on open market > 1$, user could mint it buy combination of USDC and TITAN at value of 1$ then sell it for profit at price > 1$ on open market.

potential from iron

  • Currently when user provide liquidity on quickswap or sushiswap they get very good APY. The good APY come from extra TITAN tokens which provide to LP. And currently price of TITAN is around 30$

A good stable coin farming strategy is :

  • if you have access like BTC, ETH, LINK … you could collateralised on AAVE and got stable coin
  • using to convert your stable coin to USDC
  • IRON is stable coin, so you convert half of USDC to IRON
  • LP on quickswap and get very good APY

At current market condition, a lot of people stay on side line with stable coin, that explain why have so much value locked on IRON for farming. This farming still good until TITAN price keep at high

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